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LJ Mystery Writers

For those who plant the clues

LJ Mystery Writers Community
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Do you write mysteries? Do you WANT to write mysteries?

If so, you're in the right place. This is a community for anyone who writes mysteries, be they novels or short stories.

We welcome everything from cozies to hard-boiled thrillers... little old ladies killing with knitting needles to the grisliest serial killer team the world has ever seen.

Please use this community any way you see fit. Are you struggling with a plotline and need some feedback? Did you read a brilliant novel and want to recommend it? Come across a really useful website? Do you desperately need someone to read your first chapter and edit for grammar? Have success finding an agent or getting published? Post about it. Let's hear it all.

There aren't any rules, per se, but use common sense and keep your posts on topic. Please lj-cut large blocks of text. If you're critiquing, make it constructive and keep it fair.

I reserve the right to ban trolls and people who abuse others. Otherwise, happy writing!