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LJ Mystery Writers
For those who plant the clues
30th-May-2007 08:42 am
happy wednesday morning, fellow planters of red herrings!

i created this community because i didn't find anything that really focused on the unique needs of mystery writers. and i, for one, need community because i am writing my first mystery and while i am excited by the challenge, i am a little daunted by the process. i want to be able to keep everything straight and write believably.

also, people who write crimes are slightly different than the average bear, in my opinion. :)

my mini-intro is that this is my second novel (the first being an almost complete disaster), and my first mystery. I am planning a series, and so i think it is doubly important to lay good groundwork for future stories. i've really only just begun this journey, but it's thrilling me so far.

i'm still at the point where i'm mapping things out. how do you deal with the mapping process? do you use a program like power writer or yWriter? or notecards or flow charts?

happy writing!
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30th-May-2007 04:32 pm (UTC)
yes, my first novel is in exactly the same state. i felt a little guilty putting it aside, actually, but i'm over that feeling now. :)

my idea percolated (unbeknownst to me) for months and one day i woke up and thought, "oh my gosh, that's it!" it was a good feeling, but now i'm trying to put aside that intoxicating feeling of a new story and really figure out how to make it work.

what kind of mystery are you writing? and how do you like the Dramatica software?
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30th-May-2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
that sounds very interesting. i am currently listening to "City of Masks: A Cree Black Thriller" by Daniel Hecht on cd, and enjoying it very much. Hecht's heroine is an "empath," although i don't know if that means she actually sees ghosts or not. But it's a great story and I like the suspense that comes with the supernatural.

Mine is a young woman assiatnt DA in Austin texas who inherits her aunt's house in rural oregon when she dies accidentally. except it's not an accident. (bum-bum-BUM!) (hahaha!)

i'm trying to write more what i know, versus my last novel that was set in a different century and starred teenagers of great wealth. talk about a stretch, haha. this novel felt better & more authentic immediately.

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30th-May-2007 10:20 pm (UTC)
very nice! (your book sounds intruiging - i would read it for sure. :))
30th-May-2007 08:37 pm (UTC) - Hi!
I, too, am writing my first mystery. My first draft was done the NaNoWriMo way, only with NO mapping out of any kind ahead of time. I had some characters and a setting in mind, and just started typing. It was fun, and I got a 50,000-word "thing" out of it, with some semblance of a beginning, middle, and end, including a scooter-chase scene in the hills of Seattle.

That was, uh, about two years ago. I took my first pages to/through a few revision workshops, then sort of started over. My amateur detective is pretty much the same (as are the setting and the murder weapon), but a lot of the other characters have changed, as has the basic plot. (actually, I'm not entirely sure I've got a complete plot yet) I've written lots of backstory and lots of notes, and some questions to myself, and a few scenes... I can't say I've "mapped out" my story in any civilized fashion, though. Fairly soon, I think, I'll start typing again. My process is messy and scattered. I push myself to work on the novel 15 minutes or more every day (and reward myself with stickers when I succeed).

I'm glad there's a group out there of people who write mysteries, or want to. That's about as much "group" as I think I can stand at the moment, and it seems perfect!
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30th-May-2007 09:19 pm (UTC) - Re: Hi!
hahaha! glad you think so. me, too. :)
30th-May-2007 09:15 pm (UTC) - Re: Hi!
i'm trying to write every day, but it's not working at this point. i'm getting in time about every other day, but i really want to develop and maintain a daily practice.

a scooter chase scene in seattle sounds fun!! (i love seattle.)
19th-Jul-2009 04:14 pm (UTC) - Mapping
I've tried the software and it got in the way. I threw it out and recently finished #5 of a mixed genre: Espionage/Adventure/Romance. It's a series about a commune and extended family with all the problems that can be.

The primary characters designed the commune to keep their women safe while they work internationally with Interpol, tracing and retrieving missing children.

I basically use a bio sketch of all the characters and a timeline to keep track of all the stuff going on. Subplots galore.

I fired my first agent and publisher for lying to me, then decided to use my html programming and internet skills to start my own publishing Haus: Searcher Publishing. Now designing a new ecommerce website to sell them. All in pdf and exe formats, with the software that entails.

Look for it at http://searcherbookstore.com

My old website is at http://sfiu.tripod.com/book.htm

Thank you for letting me join. This looks like where it's happening.

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